This was an excellent tour. Our guide, was very informed and very eloquent. We learn so much from her in 4 hours than we did on the supposedly 8 hour Jesus Walk tour. Covenant Living Tour was friendly, knowledgeable and with a brilliant sense of humor and looked after the group with such charisma.
I would highly recommend this tour.

Thank you, Nala. You were fantastic.

First of all our guide was brilliant! He really helped us to know all the time periods and he explained so alive about so u could almost imagine being there in these periods! He was also funny and smiling and not boring at all! I definitely recommend starting your stay in the old city with this tour to get an overview.

It was quite an experience to visit this site which is believed to be the actual Baptismal site of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist. At the time I visited the water wasn’t that much so it was a symbolic visit, but one could not help but feel WOW! I am here where it actually happened. I recommend this visit for everyone. 

Thanks, Elton

Nice day to discover the major sights! We were so happy not to deal with traffic, parking ourselves and finding our way round. It was very pleasant to just tag along and experience the major sights and learn more about the country. Timing was great on our tour.

Thank you Sandra

Day trip was historical driven, anecdotal, and willingness of our guide to make sure all were involved and understood history of Masada. Challenging to hear the story might not have been as what we all believed it to be.
Can’t beat door to door service.

Thank you Bruce

Tour was fabulous

Our family group picked a private tour from Tel Aviv–It was an amazing experience

Our driver was great.  Pick up was flawless.  Arrived at Masada as it opened at 4:30 am. 

Then we had a great Dead Sea experience